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Best Indian Restaurant in Monument

Experience the Best Indian Cuisine in monument

The India 3 Restaurant, best Indian Restaurant in Monument offers the finest Indian cuisine in a warm atmosphere. Our menu features traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients. Come enjoy the best Indian food at The India 3 Restaurant.

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Flavours Galore: Discover our Food and Drink Delights!

We look forward to welcoming you to the best Indian restaurant in London for a delightful dining experience filled with flavour, warmth, and hospitality. Start your food journey with tempting starters that give you a taste of the delicious dishes to come at our curry restaurant in London. Try our unique lunch thali sets, which are made for a tasty and balanced meal. Our main courses are rich curries, fragrant biryanis, and tasty tandoori dishes, showcasing the best of Indian cuisine. We also have plenty of vegetarian dishes made with fresh seasonal veggies and locally sourced ingredients that are full of flavour and good for you. Whether you prefer veggie delights like paneer tikka masala or spicy mixed vegetable curry, our restaurant has you covered with delicious options. Stay refreshed with our drink choice.

We offer a diverse range of drinks at The India 3. Whether you prefer a glass or a bottle, we have options that cater to your preferences. Explore our selection and pick your favourite beverage to enjoy with your meal or on its own. Cheers to delightful sips and good times!

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We host various events, such as office parties, family gatherings, and small dinners. Whatever the occasion, we customise everything to make it memorable for you.Our team pays attention to every detail, from creating menus with our best dishes to taking care of you during the event. The place feels warm, and the food is fantastic, so make sure your guests have a great time.

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Client Story: Unveiling the Magic Through Reviews! 

Our food customers really love the tasty meals we serve. They are always happy and enjoy eating here a lot. They consistently express their happiness and enjoyment with the food and overall dining experience. You can check our review section to see why they like dining with us so much!

It’s a way for businesses to listen to customers, learn from what they say, and then improve based on that feedback. This helps businesses ensure customers are happy and keep coming back to buy more food. If you’ve eaten at our restaurant, we invite you to share your experience by writing a review. Your feedback helps us understand what you enjoyed and how we can improve your experience in the future. Thank you for taking the time to review our food!