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Authentic Indian Cuisine Near London Bridge

Welcome to The India 3, your go-to haven for authentic Indian cuisine near London Bridge! Our restaurant isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a journey of flavours that promises to tantalize your taste buds. Join us in the heart of London Bridge for a super exciting trip into the amazing world of Indian food at The India 3!

Menu Magic: A Feast for the Senses

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At The India 3, our menu is more than a list of dishes; it’s a storybook of culinary adventures. Each item tells a tale, blending age-old Indian recipes with modern cooking flair. Whether you’re a fan of mouthwatering kebabs, aromatic biryanis, or flavorful vegetarian options, our menu unfolds the rich and diverse history of Indian cuisine. Get ready for a flavorful escapade filled with fresh ingredients and an array of exciting spices!

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Indulge yourself with our exciting offers at The India 3! Watch for special deals and discounts that add joy to your dining experience. Whether celebrating a special occasion or satisfying a craving for delectable Indian cuisine, our offers are crafted to enhance your meal into a delightful celebration of flavours.

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Special Offers

Indian Restaurant in Monument

Are you looking for a delicious meal or want to try something new? Look no further! The India 3 Restaurant offers promotions and food offers that will make you go fantastic! We offer not only delicious food and authentic Indian cuisine but also amazing promotional offers and food specials that are sure to make your experience even better.


Customer Reviews

Happy moments are shared by special visitors at The India 3 near Monument! Picture their words like little joy snapshots—saying our food is fantastic, service is super friendly, and the place feels like a warm hug.

A big cheer to all of you who cheered us on! Your smiles and kind words inspire us to cook tasty meals for everyone who visits. Thanks to our patrons for supporting The India 3.

Customer Reviews

Chef's Specials

Discover amazing flavours with the Chef’s Specials at The India 3! Our talented chefs create special dishes that highlight the best of Indian cooking. From new takes on old favourites to exciting flavour mixes, the Chef’s Specials offer a taste adventure like no other. Try these delicious creations and let your taste buds enjoy the magic of Indian cuisine!

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The India 3 isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a friendly place for families. Our cosy atmosphere makes everyone, young and old, feel happy. Come with your whole family for a tasty meal with something for everyone. With mild to spicy options, our menu is excellent for different tastes, making The India 3 a fantastic choice for family get-togethers and celebrations.


In short, The India 3 is not only the top spot for Indian food near London Bridge; it’s a unique place where each dish honors fantastic taste and tradition. People love our yummy food, simple reservations, and online ordering. Our comfy atmosphere ensures your meal is great. After tasting the delicious food at The India 3, you might want to come back for more. Join us for a fantastic journey through the lively world of Indian cuisine near London Bridge – where every meal is a blend of awesome flavors, a celebration of togetherness, and an experience to cherish.